What Will the Bruins and Rick Nash Do?

As the preseason approaches for the NHL, there are still some holes in the Bruins roster that could cause some concern for this upcoming season.

One of the biggest holes is the second line RW. During the 2017-2018 season, that role was split between Ryan Spooner, Rick Nash, and others (due to injury). It wasn’t the ideal way to have Krejci’s line formed this way during the season, but Rick Nash definitely helped Krejci look like 2011 again.

I think the Bruins should give a call to UFA Rick Nash and his agent some time soon. He has put his health first and has been reportedly considering retirement. He has not made any decisions regarding his future yet, but my guess is he would want to play for a Cup contender if he were to come back.

Ultimately, I think Nash will come back for at least one more season, and depending on how healthy he is for the duration it, I could see his career going even further than that. Given his injury history and age, this might be his last shot at one more reasonable payday.

Now, I have always loved Rick Nash since he was on the Columbus Blue Jackets, so I might have some favoritism towards him, but I think he might be the Bruins real option to fit next to Krejci next season. Last season he had 21 goals and 13 assists in 71 games, which isn’t terrible for an aging veteran.

Nash has always been a natural goal scorer, and he brings a toughness to the team that they needed in front of the net. With DeBrusk in one side and Nash on the other, Krejci has all the makings to have a great season. Those two are hard working players who will put the body on the line to make a play for the team, and that’s what Krejci can work with.

I’m sure the Bruins would want to try and put one of the younger kids up there like Bjork or Donato, but I think Nash still has a good amount of hockey left in him. I would love to see him suit up in the black and gold and get in Cassidy’s system for a full season. Keep you eyes and ear open to see if any rumors trickle out as we get closer and closer to training camp.

Photo: NBC Sports


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