What’s Going On With Bashaud Breeland?

Bashaud Breeland’s 2018 offseason has been one of unfortunate luck and ominous uncertainty.

Breeland entered free agency in March as one of the best defensive backs available. After a successful four-year stint with the Washington Redskins, Breeland’s hard work was rewarded with a three-year $24 million deal from the Carolina Panther. Unfortunately, his time in Carolina would be very brief.

Shortly after signing the deal, while in the Dominican Republic, Breeland sustained a cut on his foot which became infected. Although the injury wasn’t considered to be that serious, it was enough to scare the Panthers off, thus voiding his deal and making him a free agent again. Breeland would now need to play the waiting game.

When training camps reported in July, Breeland felt that it was time to sign with a team and prepare for the upcoming season, and there was no shortage of potential suitors. The talented corner had visits with the Oakland Raiders, Kansas City Chiefs, New York Jets, New England Patriots, and many more, but despite the rumors, he was unable to come away with a new deal.

Since Breeland’s visits concluded, fans of cornerback-needy teams have been refreshing Twitter on a daily basis for any updates. People were tweeting at Breeland, begging him to sign already, but he never answered (as expected). Speculation of why he was still a free agent was constant. Did he want too much money? Is he healthy? Is there an underlying problem that we don’t know about? The entire situation is strange.

While we’re all enjoying the opening game between the Atlanta Falcons and Philadelphia Eagles, Bashaud Breeland has been very active on Twitter, where he seems to be opening up more about his free agent status.

Breeland could just be having a little fun tonight with the fans who have continuously blown up his mentions. A little trolling at the expense of the Chiefs Kingdom is all good and fun. However, the next couple of tweets show that this may not just be harmless trolling.

This clearly shows that Breeland is frustrated with his current situation. He’s making it evident to anyone who cares that he’s not in it for the money. He feels that he’s healthy and he just wants to play football, but NFL front offices don’t seem keen on giving him that chance.

It’s no secret that fans want Breeland. However, the decision ultimately comes down to the front office. We can tweet at a guy all we want to come to our city, but at the end of the day, it’s the general manager making the offer. That’s why I wouldn’t read too much into what Breeland said. He’s just telling it like it is, while also politely saying, “STOP BLOWING UP MY MENTIONS!”

In my years as a fan, I have never seen this kind of buzz surrounding a non-superstar player. Hopefully, Bashaud Breeland’s wait will come to an end soon (with the Chiefs signing him, preferably). Whether it does or not, it’s good to see him finally speaking out about his situation.

Photo: Sports Illustrated


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