When did Papa John become a horror movie villain?

This might be the most terrifying video to ever hit twitter dot com.

Former Papa Johns CEO John Schattner recently did a sit down interview with Louisville television station about his ousting from the national pizza chain back in 2018 and holy shit, the 20 second teaser that was released is horrifying.

I don’t know what i expected Papa John to do in his free time, but eating 40 pizzas in 30 days is definitely not one of them. 

Papa John literally looks like a backwoods redneck serial killer in this clip; The sweat dripping off his face, the glazed over, thousand yard stare, the “Day of reckoning” quote. Holy shit, stick that man in a horror movie and it would be a summer blockbuster. Call it “The Pizza Man”, make it about a vengeful pizza maker who gets fired from his company and takes his revenge on his former employers by killing them with pizza cutters. 

Papa John literally has me, and the rest of us, in the palm of his greasy, cheesy hands. I will most definitely be staying tuned.

Photo via WDRB


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