Where has the Bergeron Line Been?

The Boston Bruins now trail in the series 2-1 after having a great Game 2 in Boston but a messy one in Toronto for Game 3. The Bruins got back into the series when they played their game and ran Toronto into the ground. But in this game, it looked like they just couldn’t catch up to them or they weren’t winning any puck battles.

Boston’s secondary scoring came to play in this series so far with Charlie Coyle playing his best hockey right now and he has been the Bruins best player in the series. As much as I love seeing Coyle work for the B’s, he can NOT be your best player. The Bruins need the Bergeron line going and so far besides the powerplay and Marchand goal, they have been canceled out.

John Taveras has been paired against this line and you can see how hard it is for them to get going as they have been beaten time and time again. Even when Bergeron and Marchand are on the penalty kill it looks like they have things under control and then they don’t make a play they usually will and Toronto scores.

This line has underperformed and that comes with David Pastrnak too because he has gotten shut down by Jake Muzzin. Let me say that again Pastrnak is getting shut down by Jake Muzzin. That is inexcusable for this line to be being beaten by Toronto’s defense and they have been all series. That first line has looked like a ghost of itself from the regular season along with the whole Tampa Bay Lightning roster.

With Tampa losing to Columbus 3-0 this could be the break that they need to make it to the ECF but they need this Bergeron line going. They need the clutch factor from this line and it’s been there all year but they just need to find it now.

For Game 4 the Bruins could be getting Johansson and John Moore back in the lineup and it looks like Kuraly could be getting close to ready to play too. If they could get Kuraly and these guys back the B’s should be able to beat Toronto as they have in games past.

Photo: Stanley Cup of Chowder


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