Whether It’s the MLS or EPL, People Need To Start Watching More Soccer…

The Beautiful Game we call soccer has the ability to bring nations together in one of the best competitions in the world. Soccer has the power to bring the world together, but here in these United States soccer is not as popular as other places in the world, especially Europe. America has the largest range of sports for anyone to participate in or spectate. The United States has the four major sports which are baseball, football, basketball and hockey. In Europe, none of these sports are not as big as soccer. Since the MLS’s founding in 1993, the growth of the fanbase of teams has been increasing, and was cemented in the pro sport giants of America with a record setting year in 2016. MLS fan bases need to show more passion compared to their European counterparts Unfortunately, we do a poor job showing the slightest interest in the game.

The English Premier League undoubtedly have the most loyal fans out of any American sport. Compared to American Football, Premier League fans make the most loyal fanbases of the most popular NFL teams look like bandwagon fans. According to, EPL fans have a home attendance record of 30% while NFL fans only attend 15% of home games. All things considered, EPL teams play almost double than an NFL team. EPL fans attend games by a 4:1 ratio over NFL fans. While diehards of NFL teams say they have loved their teams since the day they were born evidently has never met an EPL fan.

People…these fans make us look like a bunch of bandwagoners. I was never originally a soccer fan, but one movie changed my mind. Its called Green Street Hooligans starring Charlie Hunnam, Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy. The movie shows the insights of how fanatics of a soccer team in England fight other teams fans. It’s filled will blood, sweat, beer and soccer. If that does not make you even consider soccer then, I do not know what to tell you.

If you read this, I highly suggest that you all watch the Manchester Derby tomorrow. he clash is between Manchester United and Manchester City. Manchester Untied  is a legendary club, which I have followed since I was a kid. They play some amazing football and the fans are electrifying.


Watch this guys, Its absolutely electric.


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