Who Is Manny Machado?

Its no secret that Bryce Harper and Manny Machado are the hottest free agents on the market right now. Its also no secret that the Yankees are in hot pursuit for the gold glove Shortstop, as are the Chicago White Sox and the Philadelphia Phillies. The way that I see it, this offseason will show us who Manny Machado really is. Is he a business man? or is he a real ball player? Lets break it down to each team.

New York Yankees

Manny Machado’s best option. Machado choosing the Yankees will show that he really wants to win and he really loves the game of baseball. Machado will join Giancarlo Stanton, Gary Sanchez and of course Aaron “The Judge” Judge in their quest to bring home the World Series. The team is young, hungry and very talented and a perfect fit for Machado. With Gregorius being out until mid July, early August, there is perfect opportunity for Machado to shine and help the bombers bring home their 28th ring.

Philadelphia Phillies

The Phillies are the next best option for Machado. The Phillies are also young and have much young talent. The team ended 80-82 last season but it was respectable because of the young talent. Adding Machado will help in many ways and could make the Phillies a possible NL East Contender.

Chicago White Sox

No. Fucking. Way.
If Manny Machado becomes a Chicago White Sox, then he is the definition of a punk, money hungry asshole and deserves to be embarrassed by Chris Sale everyday of his life. The strikeout he had to end the World Series will forever be his faith and I would be happy to watch it.

Manny Machado has the potential to be in a very good spot for the majority of his career if he chooses to be a ball player and not a money grubbing asshole. Only time will tell, but for this Yankee fan, the clock is ticking.

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