Why is No One Talking About Aaron Hicks?

When it comes to baseball, the best centerfielder in the game is Los Angeles Angels’ Mike Trout.

This isn’t even a question. He can hit for average, power, and he’s a phenomenal fielder. The fact that he is just 27-years-old amazes me because he still has so much time left in his career to continue to put up unbelievable numbers.

With that said, however, there is one CF no one really talks about. In fact, this particular player will be just 29 years of age in October and was traded by the Minnesota Twins to the team he is on now for basically a bag of peanuts.

I’m talking about Aaron Hicks of the New York Yankees. He may not put up the kind of numbers that Trout does, but in my opinion, he is one of the most underrated players in the game today.

For starters, no one really talks about Hicks’ power. As of this writing (August 10), he has 20 home runs and 53 RBI’s. Last season, he had 15 dingers and 53 RBI’s so clearly, he is beating those numbers this season.

Obviously, Trout is someone who hits a lot more HR’s than Hicks (30 as of this writing) and will finish the season with a better batting average. With that said, Hicks has been able to provide his team with consistent offense this season and with the likes of Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez injured, the team will take any offense they can get.

Speaking of Judge, Hicks has stepped in a been a great cleanup hitter for the team in recent weeks. Hicks, definitely not someone who would be looked at as a cleanup guy as he was only once put in that position in his first five seasons, has now been put in that spot 10 times this year.

What’s more is that Hicks is producing in that spot. He is currently batting .333 as the cleanup guy.

Speaking with New York Post reporter Howie Kussoy, Yanks’ manager had a lot of positives to say about the switch-hitting Mr. Hicks.

“This is the kind of talent he has, and we’re seeing a guy that now kind of in the prime of his career has matured into a good all-around player.”

Lastly, this guy has come along way since entering the league. He struggled to hit consistently and was not someone who could be relied on as an everyday player.

Look at him now. He’s a guy that has good at-bats, can put balls in the seats, and is someone who is playing well for one of, if not the most, storied franchise in all of baseball.

Hopefully, Hicks can continue to provide consistent offense as this team is going to need it as they head in September and hopefully, October.

Photo: New York Daily News



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