Why is T-Pain Ruining His Songs?!?

As I lay in bed scrolling through Twitter, I found two tweets that bothered not only me but many people across the internet. Faheem Rasheed Najm, or as his close personal friends like myself call him, T-Pain, put out maybe two of the worst tweets my eyes have ever seen. This is such a Ted Mosby move, correcting the smallest details only to ruin the bigger picture.

Literally, nobody has ever sung “AND THEN!” at the top of their lungs while driving in the car. No, when you and your friends or your girlfriend or boyfriend are aimlessly driving and the chorus to Buy You a Drank comes on, you already know that it goes, “Imma buy you a drank OOHHHHH WEEEEEEEE Imma take you home with me!” These are just facts. This bothers me way more than it should. If this doesn’t infuriate you already, how about this tweet.

Look, T-Pain, I know you wrote the song and all, but you’re wrong. Everybody and their grandmother knows that once T-Pain’s voice tells you that your hands go up, you BEST believe that they are staying there! In no world are “they saying yeah.” No, instead everybody’s hands go up,  a small silence happens for an unreal build up, and our hands stay in the air like you obviously told us to do. If anything, we are saying the lyrics to one of the greatest songs of all time, but never in my life will I say “yeah” instead. Preposterous.

So thank you, T-Pain, for making those lyrics something I can no longer enjoy. You just had to single out the two most famous T-Pain lyrics of all time and kill them. There are zero positives that can come out of you tweeting this. None. Time to go angrily listen to your music and enjoy the crap out of it. I swear if he drops another bomb on Twitter I might cry real tears.

P.S. A hidden gem in the music world is T-Pain and Lil Wayne’s project they released on Soundcloud earlier this year called “T-Wayne.” Absolute bangers. Even if this isn’t really a hidden gem, check it out anyways. Its borderline illegally underappreciated. Click the link below.

P.S.S For all of you who think T-Pain is nothing without autotune, click this link below too. Dude has PIPES. Is he the most underappreciated artist of all time?


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