Why The Rangers Have Let Lundqvist Down

As a New York Rangers fan and a goaltender, I have always enjoyed having future Hall of Famer Henrik Lundqvist on my favorite hockey team.

For starters, all Lundqvist, 36, has done for this Rangers’ franchise is win hockey games.  He has 443 career victories, all with the Blueshirts.

Year in and year out, Lundqvist goes out for this team and does everything he can to get his club two points. The “King” has won at least 30 games in all, but two of his thirteen seasons and has another 61 victories in the playoffs.

Lundqvist has the most wins in franchise history. The Rangers have had the most success in franchise history when Lundqvist has been between the pipes.

Secondly, Lundqvist has been unbelievably loyal. He has spent his entire career as a member of the Rangers when in reality, he did not have to.

He signed multiple extensions with this club when he easily could have gone elsewhere. When the team sent out a letter to their fans saying that they were rebuilding, Lundqvist said he was more than on board with the franchise and that he wanted to help this team moving forward.

Lastly, Henrik has embraced New York when everything that he is. He lives in the City, is involved with multiple charities, and is highly involved in the community. He has made the city of New York his own.

Unfortunately for Lundqvist, not much has been given back to him. Sure, the fans have shown their love for him ever since he first came into the league, but other than that, what have the Rangers done for him?

Well, the first thing they have done is waste his best years. From 2006 to about 2016, this team had the goods to go out and win a Cup.

Instead, this team ended up failing at the most important time. In 2012, 2014, and 2015, they made it to at least the Eastern Conference Finals and even a Cup Final (2014) and were not able to come way with anything.

The second thing they have done is hold him back. Lundqvist has been the team’s best player every single season and has done everything he possibly can to get his team to the highest level and yet, they have not been able to capture a Cup despite his best efforts.

Lastly, this team is not going to be able to give him what he truly wants and that is a Cup. Sure, they can give him a few division titles (2012 and 2015), a regular season title (2015) a one appearance in the Cup Final (2014), but they could not bring him the only thing that truly matters in the NHL.

In all, what this team has done is waste one of the greatest goaltenders to ever play the game. From the first time he stepped onto the ice in the red, white, and blue, they have had a Hall of Famer and instead of giving him hockey’s Holy Grail, they have given him pain and heartache.

I hate to say this to someone who is doing everything that we only wish we could do with our lives, but it is certainly true: poor Henrik Lundqvist.




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