Winners and Losers From a WILD Week 4 of College Football

First things first, I know i missed last week. I’m a busy man. Just know that absolutely nothing at all happened in week three. 

NOW, ON TO WEEK FOUR AND BOY OH BOY DID SHIT HAPPEN. We are really getting into the swing of things.

Weeks 1-3 were the training wheels version of the college football season. With the exception of Oregon vs Auburn week 1, Clemson vs Texas A&M and LSU vs Texas in week 3, we had strictly blowout games that were scheduled to be blowouts. This was the week were the games that were the true heavy hitters. We had top 10 and top 15 matchups and it was awesome. We had winners, and we CERTAINLY had losers. Let’s begin.

Winner- Tulane Green Wave

See my blog on this game from Thursday. This was just a very, very fun college football game to watch. Tulane is 3-1 and had one of the craziest come from behind wins you’ll ever see. Well, it would be if it wasn’t for a certain PAC 12 game that we’ll get to later. 

Loser- LSU’s Defense

Through two weeks, all everyone was saying was how good LSU’s offense looked and how they might have the best defense in the country. Then they allowed 530 yards of offense and 38 points to Texas. Alright, it’s okay. Texas is one of the best teams in the Big XII and has a great offense. No harm, no foul. They’ll beat the shit out of Vanderbilt and everything will be a-okay. And they did. Air Burrow dropped a tasty 66 points on the Commodores heads. So how did they lose this week? They allowed 38 points to Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt. They’re a glorified FCS team. It’s a miracle that Vanderbilt has scored 38 points all season. You can’t call yourself a top 5 defense and get dumped on for 76 points in two games. Boo you, LSU.


Winner- Wisconsin Badgers and Jonathan Taylor

Through two weeks, Wisconsin had a point differential of 110-0. Sure, the level of competition was mediocre at best, but they were still beating the shit out of teams in a ruthless manner. They were on a crash course with the #11 Michigan Wolverines. At home, a top 15 matchup, this was a massive game for both teams. A boy oh boy, did Wisconsin come out hot. Jonathan Taylor scored two touchdowns on the Badgers’ first two drives, including a massive 72-yard run that truly set the blowout tone. Wisconsin was up 28-0 at the half, the game was never even close, and Wisconsin has now cemented themselves as the team to beat in the Big10 west.

Jonathan Taylor may have just thrust himself into the frontrunner position for the Heisman. Things are looking mighty good in Madison right about now. Unlike…


Loser- Michigan Wolverines and Jim Harbough

You guys are dead. Absolutely, undeniably dead. Jim Harbough no longer has any sense of control over this team. 

The players don’t seem like they care, there’s no talent on the field, Shea Patterson STINKS like a dirty diaper covered in rotten eggs that has sat in the sun for 5 days. Michigan may lose 4 games, they will NOT beat Ohio State, they will NOT beat Notre Dame, and hell, Jim Harbough might not survive 2019. Bring back Brady Hoke, at least you knew that you would suck when he was there. LOL Michigan.  


Loser- UCF Knights

I had so much faith in you. Why did you break my heart like this? You beat the doors off of a clearly overmatched Stanford last week, this game should’ve been a cakewalk. You get down 21-0, roar back and score 31 straight points to take the lead in the 3rd quarter, and then do absolutely nothing for the rest of the game. You let Pitt hang around for way too long and then fall victim to the mother fucking Philly Special on fourth and three at the goal line.

RIP UCF. Gone but never forgotten. 


Winner- Whatever the Hell UCLA vs Washington State Was

This is why college football is the best sport in the world. How can you not love every second of a 67-63 PAC 12 after dark game. This is PEAK college football and it is amazing. Full disclosure; I did not watch a single second of this game in realtime. I saw that Wazzu, who is a very underrated team, was playing UCLA at home and thought, ‘That’s a blowout, I’m going to bed early’. That might be the worst decision I have ever made in my life. Washington State was up 49-17 in the 3rd quarter of this game. And then, and then… UCLA scored on 6 straight possessions. Wazzu turned the ball over 6 times. UCLA wins 67-63. It was insanity. I know I’m doing a horrible job of describing it by it had to be seen to be believed. Over 1300 yards of total offense; Both Quarterbacks, Dorian Thompson Robinson and Anthony Gordon, threw for 500+ yards and both accounted for 7 touchdowns. Anthony Gordon had 9 passing touchdowns and LOST. GOD College football is nuts. Just watch this and giggle at the stupidity and awesomeness of this dumb, dumb, DUMB Football game. 


Winner- Sanford Stadium

This. Was. Electric.

There’s nothing else to say. Every other stadium in the game is now on notice. Get your shit together. Georgia invested millions upon millions of dollars to make Sanford Stadium the most electric atmosphere in the country.

You’re all playing for second place at this point, and, frankly, it’s not even fucking close. More of this please @Georgia. 

Photo via @Badgerfootball


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