With Saquon Sidelined, Now What?

There were a lot of positives coming from the New York Giants on Sunday, and Saquon Barkley spraining his ankle is not one of them.

The second-year running back injured was diagnosed with a high ankle sprain, which will sideline him from anywhere between four to eight weeks, creating a very large hole in the backfield, that will stay that way until Barkley returns. The backfield duties will fall mainly on Wayne Gallman, who has been the “primary back” in certain situations before Barkley was drafted. His best season came in his rookie season, when he rushed for 476 yards on 111 attempts, with a 4.3 yards per attempt. He did have a rushing touchdown until last season, in which he was the backup to Barkley.

Although Giants head coach Pat Shurmur did state that he’s “confident” in Gallman being able to handle a lot of the carries, in many people’s eyes, he is not the most reliable option. They’re going to give him his carries, but it is going to be very difficult to have even half of the production out of the backfield without Saquon Barkley back there.

So the question is, what should the offense’s plan of attack be?

Obviously the offense will still need to run the football with Gallman, but if anyone paid attention to the game against the Buccaneers, something amazing happened multiple times, a Giant quarterback ran the ball. The Giants have not had a quarterback who can run the ball in the last 15 seasons, and this is such a breath of fresh air. Daniel Jones can handle running the ball and even scored twice thanks to his legs. Letting Jones run the ball a bit more until Saquon Barkley is back is not the worst of ideas.

Something to keep an eye on as well, this is the last week without Golden Tate in uniform. The wide receiver was suspended prior to the season for PED’s, and is wrapping up his four-game suspension this week. Giving Daniel Jones a fully healthy receiving core could potentially open up the running game for both Gallman and himself.

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