With The Details Coming Out On His New Contract, We Finally Have A Realistic Idea Of When Tom Brady Will Retire

2019- $23mill

2020- $30 mill

2021- $32 million

Tom Brady told the world he wanted to play into his mid 40s. Some smart people believed him, some dumb people didn’t. And now here we are, examining the details of his newly inked contract where it makes him a Patriot through 2021. Amazing.

I would like to see Brady play til he’s 50 but whatever. After the career of normally taking yearly pay cuts to allow for better teams to be built around him, the Pats have paid Tom a respectable amount of cash. I’m sure he’s going to be handed some ownership in the franchise upon retirement as well, but this is more of the set of figures you’d expect to see from a QB of Brady’s level. That said, they clearly stand out as consecutive years with bigger money which isn’t normal for Brady, and then sitting around at the age of 45, it would make sense Brady would hang em up and become a dad full time with this nice retirement bonus stored away.

I know, it’s really not a hot take here or anything, more of just explaining the obvious, but that’s what it is. Tom is going to walk off into the sunset with plenty of money, and 9 rings. See ya in 2021. Oh, and that’s when Belichick will retire too.




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