With the trade deadline approaching who are the possible targets?

After a great start coming back from the All-star break, the Bruins hold the number one spot in the Atlantic Division with the Tampa Bay Lightning closely behind. The Bruins have been a powerhouse this year after the heart-wrenching game 7 loss but they are still missing a key piece or two. So, with the trade deadline approaching who are the possible trade targets?

Brenden Dillon: This one kind of came out of nowhere but it is a move that interests me because Dillon isn’t the type of defenseman who is going to load up the scoresheet but he is going to throw his body around. With the Bruins blue-line being more on the undersized side and missing Kevan Miller this sort of trade does make some sense especially with John Moore being healthy scratches for the past couple of games. Dillon would come at the price of a prospect with a 2nd round pick or a third-round pick but we’ll see if Sweeney wants to pay that price.

Chris Kreider: This may be the most intriguing one as he may be the best option for the Bruins but he is now out with a suspected concussion. The Rangers still might want to re-sign him at the end of the year and keep him as apart of their core moving forward. If he becomes available the Bruins should make a run for him depending on the price but he is a guy who can score, play nasty when he needs to, and can skate with the best of them. He would be almost a perfect fit for the Bruins top 6 forwards.

Tyler Toffoli: This one is very interesting because this has been a rumor since the start of the season and he hasn’t had his best year so far but he could come in and make a difference in the top 6 for the B’s. He is almost like the fallback option for the B’s because many people in the hockey world think Sweeney can pull the trigger on this trade at any time. The 27-year-old brings playoff and Stanley Cup experience to the top 6 wingers and wouldn’t make the B’s unstoppable but it would make them more difficult to beat. Boston has had their eyes on Toffoli since Sweeney took over and it may be the time to go and get him.

Ondrej Kase: The 24-year-old forward only carries a 2.6 million dollar cap hit and still has 1 more year on the contract but he will be a more expensive piece since that extra year. The Bruins could possibly unload a bad David Backes contract since the Ducks have 9.1 million in cap space but the Bruins would most likely need to add a first and possibly prospects. There isn’t a whole lot of information out there about this possible deal just yet but he is a name to keep an eye on moving forward.

The Bruins could believe in their system and keep the roster the way it is now and make a run at the cup but with an expiring contract with Krug, do the Bruins want to risk the possible last year of Krug and not win it? Sweeney should be active at the deadline but we’ll see what happens in the next 3 weeks or so.

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