Wrapping my “Head” Around the Bad Officiating

The Dallas Cowboys Week 14 overtime victory over the Philadelphia Eagles was an absolutely disastrous emotional roller coaster.

I was so relieved when this game finally ended after Amari Cooper was able to catch a deflected pass and take it into the end zone for his third touchdown of the game.

But the officiating in this had a huge part in making it so stressful to watch.

Legitimately, right from the opening kickoff, it was clear Cowboys owner (president and GM) Jerry Jones had sucked off the entire officiating crew.

If you saw the replays of Jourdan Lewis’ kickoff return you know how clear it was that he fumbled and there were no Cowboys players around when the ball was recovered.

There was another call in the 4th quarter that made this collusion quite obvious. Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert was called for holding on a play which resulted in his long touchdown reception being called back.

As for the Cowboys themselves, this game did nothing more than further solidify that Dak Prescott is simply not a quarterback that you can win championships with. The way he misses wide open targets downfield is deteriorating to watch as a fan.

This was especially true in the third quarter, when deep in his own territory, Dak threw a pass too high and out of the reach of a relatively wide open Michael Gallup and the pass was intercepted.

The interception, which was almost returned for a touchdown, put the Eagles in phenomenal field position and set up their first score. After the what ended up being massively significant missed extra-point, the score was 9-6 in favor of the Cowboys.

But, I mean, there is just no arguing that Dak is not a great down-field, deep ball passer.

No arguing.

Every time he went deep in this game, my heart beat would go through the roof. Mind you, I was watching this game with my die-hard Eagles fan housemate.

So I needed this win!

Luckily for Dak, he had Amari Cooper. Since his arrival to the team, Cooper has helped catapult the Cowboys to the top of the NFC East. The wide receiver had his best game since joining Dallas against Eagles, with 10 receptions for 217 yards and a pair of fourth-quarter touchdowns to go along with that aforementioned game-winner in overtime.

Overall, the officiating in this game was one wild tornado of a disaster. Jerry Jones clearly “took care of them” one way or another. The feeling of knowing your team cheated to secure a win is not great, but thankfully (as of now) in the eyes of the NFL, this is still a win.

Dak is not the worst quarterback to ever play by any measure, but he certainly makes these Cowboys wins interesting for more or less the wrong reasons.

But there is a question about this game that needs to be answered: did Jerry swallow?

Photo: USA Today


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