Yankees Postseason Worries

With the best record in baseball, everyone is anticipating the Yankees postseason. Can this be the year they get back on top? Can this injury story be capped off with a title? The only thing, in my opinion, that is stopping them is their pitching. The starting rotation for the Yankees is very shaky going into October. With Domingo German facing his first ever postseason as a starter, James Paxton finally making the postseason and J.A Happ already proving last season he sucks in the playoffs, it comes down to two pitchers.

Mashahiro Tanaka and C.C Sabathia are the only two established postseason pitchers in the rotation, and even they aren’t 100% reliable. C.C has been battling injury all season and Tanaka isn’t the ace the Yankees are looking for as their savior. Luis Severino is pushing to return this season but even he hasn’t proven to be able to pitch in the postseason. The Yankee bats are not a thing to worry about and that is the big plus. Injury after Injury but they still thrive. The Yankees are also going to have to step up against the Astros again who are read hot right now. With their pitching staff and hitters both moving as a collect, they seem to be the team to beat, regardless of records. Although we did see this from the Astros last season, its still a team to be scared of no matter what.

The Yankees can pull it out, if there starters can all pull through and if the bullpen can stay strong. This season has looked really good at all ends of the spectrum. Management, trades, pitching, and players that were called up. Hopefully the success doesn’t fall to short and the trophy can return home.

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