Yasmani Grandal: “I Look Up To Gary Sanchez”

Yasmani Grandal is off to one of the worst defensive starts in MLB Postseason history. In the third inning of the first game of the NLCS, Grandal had two passed balls, made an error (the first of two), and got called for catcher’s interference. His blunders would ultimately allow the go-ahead run to cross the plate for the Milwaukee Brewers.

But how did Grandal get this way, you ask? He idolizes one of the worst catchers in the Major Leagues, Gary Sanchez of the New York Yankees. I went back into my archived interviews and found a gem from a conversation I had with Grandal.

“You know, when I think about big league catchers, I think of Gary Sanchez,” said Grandal, “he’s a slugger, and he sits behind the plate while the pitcher throws to him.” It was an incredibly astute and articulate statement, so I had to inquire further.

When asked about Gary’s suspect defense, Grandal explained that he’s “not here to catch the ball and make defensive plays. We have guys like Manny [Machado] and Chris [Taylor] to do that. When Clayton [Kershaw] is on the mound, I can just focus on hitting.” The parallels to Gary Sanchez’ catching philosophy were stunning.

It’s a bold strategy, Cotton, but we’ll see if Grandal’s purposeful laziness pays off for the Dodgers in the NLCS. So far, it hasn’t. The silver lining for Grandal, though, is that he looks exactly like his idol, Gary Sanchez, behind the dish.

Images: Yahoo! Sports


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