Yasmani Grandal Turned Down $64 Million From the Mets… Okay?

Reports came out last week that former Dodgers catcher Yasmani Grandal was offered a deal worth 64 million dollars from the Mets, an offer he ultimately declined.

The biggest question that should be asked is: “Why did he turn that type of money down?” There could be two different thoughts the catcher could be having. The first one is the fact that he may not want to play in New York. Playing in the biggest sports market of the world, every little move both on and off the field is looked at under a microscope. If he were to have been in a Mets uniform when he had the worst catching performance in the playoffs, the fans would have disowned him. It is very hard to play in New York, and maybe he thought he couldn’t handle it.

The other frame of mind if that he is worth more than the contract offered. Which if that is the case, Grandal is delusional. Sure he hit 24 homers and had 68 RBI’s, but he only hit .240. His defensive numbers weren’t bad, even with the pitiful performance in the postseason but with all that in mind, it does not make him worth near that money. He would have to put up Mike Piazza type numbers in order to make that type of money.

Now in the Mets aspect of this report, why would they offer him that money? New general manager Brodie Van Wagenen has made it known that he wants to make the Mets a contender this year and years moving forward, but $16 million for a catcher is a little much, if this report is indeed true. But one thing this did do for the Mets was make the Wilson Ramos signing look A LOT better.

They are paying Ramos 19 million over two years with an option for a third. The money is a lot more reasonable for a much better offensive catcher. He hit .306 over 111 games with both the Rays and Phillies. He also had 70 RBI’s and hit 15 long balls. Although the home run numbers are not there, Ramos is a much more consistent bat. Ramos is a better fit for the Mets at this price compared to the deal that was reportedly offered to Yasmani Grandal.



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