Yasmani Grandal Turned Down A Lot of Money and Signed for Much Less Money. It’s a Bold Strategy Cotton, Let’s See How it Pays Off for Him

I’m going to go on and mock C Yasmani Grandal vigorously throughout this article, but let’s not forget the OG “turns down a massive contract and ends up with a significantly less deal”, Ian Desmond.

Back in 2013, the Nationals offered Desmond a 7 year $107 million extension. Desmond believed he could increase his value, and in turn his payday, by turning down the deal and gambling on himself. It didn’t work, and once Desmond hit free agency, he ended up signing on a one year deal worth $8 million. Last time i checked, 107,000,000 was more than 8,000,000, but i could be wrong.

Now that that little tidbit is out of the way, let’s laugh at Yasmani Grandal.

Right before the new year, news came out that Grandal had turned down a four year contract from the Mets that was in the range of $60 million. The baseball world collectively scratched their heads. Yes, Yasmani Grandal was one of the two best catchers or the free agent market, but that’s a lot of money to turn down regardless. “He must be ready to get a huge deal”, everyone thought.

Then, yesterday, news came out that Grandal was signing with the Milwaukee Brewers for a reported 1 year, $18.25 million contract.


That’s barely more that the qualifying offer that Grandal had turned down. Everything about this is just puzzling.

Why not take the four years of guaranteed money? Why not try to at least get a second year from the Brewers? If you were always going to take a one year deal, why not just accept the qualifying offer?

It’s perplexing to say the least.

We’ve seen players sign these “One year and prove it” type contracts, and they usually don’t work out. In fact, Adrian Beltre signing with the Red Sox in 2010 is the only one i can think of off the top of my head that is an example of it working out. We saw just last offseason what happened to Mike Moustakas and he can’t find anyone to play for right now.

This is a huge, and frankly dumb gamble by Grandal, and I’m eager to see it fail spectacularly.  

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